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The Finance Sector plays an integral role in the Company’s investment strategies.  In this sector, D'Agostino & Co. invests in companies, throughout the world, that stride to provide value-added to their clients, due to their forward-thinking methodologies, in the areas of Financial Services, Asset Management and Banking.

Financial Services

- D'Agostino & Co. owns 50% of Financial Capital Solutions, LTD., which specializes in providing structured financial consulting services.
Asset Management

- D'Agostino & Co. owns 100% of Element Capital Group, LTD, which is an independent investment advisory fund that focuses in delivering high returns with low relative volatility, uncorrelated to broad market indices. Capital preservation and portfolio liquidity is the firm’s primary objective. Since its inception, in 2008, Element Capital Advisors LTD has provided an average annualized rate of return of approximately 10% to its shareholders.