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D'Agostino & Co | Francisco D'Agostino



In the telecommunication sector, D'Agostino & Co.. aims to invest in companies that stand to capture a large market segment in the area of data storage, such as data centers, in places where competition is minimal. In this is the case, the Company has purchased a 25% interest in DAYCOHOST, which is the largest, privately-owned, data center in Venezuela. This 25% interest positions the Company as largest single shareholder in DAYCOHOST.

With more than a decade of operations, the company has accumulated know-how and expertise for solid handling, management and / or administration of any IT platform.  

The new Data Center designed in the City of Valencia, Venezuela, has been certified as Tier III by the Uptime Institute. This international qualification enables us to guarantee the levels of service required for Business Continuity. These strengths are complemented with a focus on the needs and requirements of our customers to enhance their operations through efficient IT management that allows clients to:

    •   Make the most of the actual capacity of their IT platform.
    •   Operate under high standards of availability, reliability & data security.
    •   Get quick & timely responses to requests or needs of the IT platforms.
    •   Anticipate the occurrence of incidents that could endanger the information.
    •   Plan & execute the growth of their IT platform without impacting operations.